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Welcome to the Medallion Supplier Portal.

MEDALLION INSTRUMENTATION SYSTEMS places the highest emphasis on performance, quality, reliability, and integrity of its products. To achieve this goal, we count on the efforts and contribution of our stakeholders. Our suppliers play a pivotal role. We expect nothing else from all our suppliers than the same level of commitment to achieve the performance and quality levels we strive for.


Approved Medallion suppliers login:

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Register to become an approved Medallion supplier:


Step 1

Please review the following requirements prior to submitting any forms:

1. Supplier Requirements Manual –  MIS-Supplier-Requirements-Manual-Terms-Conditions-Rev-F.pdf

2. Conflict Minerals Policy – Conflict-Minerals-Policy-Statement-HD.docx

3. Price Increase Policy – Supplier-Price-Increase-Policy.docx


Step 2

Download the required Confidentiality Agreement, Company Profile, and Business Survey documents found here:

1. Medallion Confidentiality Agreement – MIS-CONFIDENTIALITY-AGREEMENT.doc

2. Medallion Supplier Company Profile – Medallion-Company-Profile-REV-A.xlsx

3. Medallion Business Survey – MIS-Supplier-Requirements-Manual-Terms-Conditions-Rev-F.pdf


Step 3

Fill out and/or sign them, and save in a digital format to be uploaded when you are ready to submit for approval.


Step 4

Complete this brief form here, and upload your completed Confidentiality Agreement, Company Profile, and Business Survey.
**Submissions without these three documents attached will not be considered.


Step 5

Click “Submit Application”.


Supplier Portal Application

Please complete the information below and attach the two completed forms. Your application WILL NOT be submitted without these two forms attached.

Note: You must select multiple files for upload by holding the Command or Control key (Mac or Windows, respectively) while selecting files.

Thank you for your interest in working with Medallion. Someone will contact you as soon as possible with a decision or a request for additional information.