Medallion Wins Coveted IBEX Innovation Award!

Martin Payne

October 04, 2014

Medallion partnered with Malibu Boats to win the coveted IBEX innovation Award at the annual conference held in Tampa, Florida this year.  Medallion’s Viper II Helm Instrumentation System delivers three innovative new technologies and capabilities to the Marine Industry including an Panoramic 12.3” Touch Screen Display, Simplified Wiring via CAT6 LVDS for power and data transmission, and the ability of a single System Controller to drive two individual displays.

The proportions of the 12.3” display are very unique and expand the appearance and capability of the helm with its unique extra-wide 1280 x 480 aspect ratio. The brightness and wide viewing angles of the IPS display technology allow it to be seen from any position aft of the helm. The large interactive touch surface area simplifies the User Experience by reducing the number of touches to accomplish a task and improves safety by having the space to keep critical information is view on the top level.

A single Viper II system controller can drive any combination of two touch screen displays making the shared User Interface seamless by design. The single controller reduces system cost and complexity.The displays are connected to the Viper II system controller via a simple CAT6 LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) cable commonly used on computer networks. Use of the LVDS eliminates bulky wire harnesses, reduces system costs, and reduces helm design constraints.  The OEM User Experience resulting from close collaboration with Malibu Boats pushes the application of display technology in the marine market.