Setting the new standard

Personalized systems for the OEM in pursuit of excellence.

Personalized systems for the OEM in pursuit of excellence.


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    Our complete NMEA 2000 digital gauge platform providing a level of precision and aesthetic styling suitable for the most demanding OEM's.

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    Multiplex switching options are available standalone or as part of an integrated Viper II Solution.

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    The most powerful system controller on the market drives a combination of 7" and 12" touch screens. The Viper II can be built with an integrated 7" display or be remotely mounted and connected via LVDS.

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    Viper II Touch Screen systems can be customized for OEM's. Systems are available in 7", 12.3", or a combination of both for premium user experience.

Delivering Marketable Value

Following the award winning success of the Viper II Malibu Command Center, Medallion turned it sights on producing three new systems that will work on any NMEA engine platform in the Marin Industry. The available systems include a 7” Touch Screen LCD, a 12.3” Touch Screen LCD, and a combination System of the two for the ultimate user experience. The systems display engine gauges, Navionics charts, Prospec Electronics black-box stereo head unit control, and a standard arrangement of 10 configurable multiplexed switch loads distributed by the Medallion 10-Channel Power Module. The standard visual design is available to all builders, but can be customized to provide an appearance cohesive with the brand persona and needs of individual OEM’s.

The Viper II System Controller can be integrated with the 7” display or part of a distributed architecture with standalone displays connected via simple CAT6 Ethernet type LVDS cables. The screens are the same technology used premium automobiles and clearly visible in direct sunlight. The capacitive touch screen is constructed of chemically strengthened glass and enhanced with an advanced antireflective coating technology that will never fog over. The Viper II is equipped with GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, two USB ports and two SD card slots. The IPS displays provide a viewing angle found on the latest cell phones making them easy to see from any position near the helm.