QHB (Quad H-Bridge)

Medallion’s cutting-edge multiplexed power management solutions are engineered and manufactured to meet the precise specifications of the marine industry, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Key Features:

  • Sealed IP67 Design
  • CAN Interface
  • ATC fused on each channel
  • Includes Current Sense and Load Fault Detection
  • Pulse Counting for Accurate Tab Position
  • Up to 12 configurable I/O including 6x Relay Driver Outputs as well as Analog Inputs for Direct Switches
  • Can be Configured for 4x 25A H-Bridge or 8x 12A Single Direction Loads
  • Integrates with Medallion SMART and VIPER Displays as well as switch modules

Key Advantages:

  • No more complicated messy harness installs for Toggle Switches.
  • Reduced Failure Points and Harness Problems.
  • Current Sense for system monitoring and diagnosis
  • Durable and Dependable control of switching loads in many vehicle applications

Example Loads:

  • Ballast Pumps (Single Function or Reversable)
  • Live Well/Bait Well/Re-Circ Pumps
  • Oxygenator
  • Trim Tabs (Lenco, Bennet, Parker)
  • Lights
  • Heaters
  • Blower
  • Bilge Pump
  • Horn
  • Engine Hatch
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