Prism RGB Control System

Key Features:

  • Distributed and Digital RGB controllers for 1 to multiple zones
  • Vastly Improved Power Distribution and Control
  • Reduces Noise and Stereo Interference Issues
  • Reduces Wiring and Harness Complexity
  • Field Configurable Slave Modules for Easy Zone Configuration
  • Integrates with Medallion SMART and VIPER Displays
  • Converts multiple Radio Brand RS485 messages to standard NMEA CAN messaging
  • Up to 2 Analog Inputs also Available

Key Advantages:

  • No more complicated messy harness installs for RGB.
  • No more Stereo Noise and Interference Issues related to RGB Harnessing and Install.
  • Competitive pricing that easily scales from 1 zone to many for best cost scaling across models.
  • CAN based control easily integrates RGB into Medallion SMART and VIPER display products
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