The Medallion Road Show

Martin Payne

August 29, 2014

The Medallion Road Show began in July after taking delivery of our new Malibu 23 LSV, “Captain America”, the second boat off the line from the Malibu factory in Tennessee.  The road show provides a real technology demonstration live and in person rather than by the typical meeting room environment or online meting.  Customers had the opportunity to take the boat on the water and experience the technology that Medallion delivers to customers like Malibu first hand.

The system Medallion provides controls every electrical load on the boat.  To truly see the magnitude of the automation involved, actually getting into the boat is actually the best means.  The crew took the boat to 16 different stops in the South-Eastern US over a two-week period before heading home to Medallion’s headquarters in Spring Lake, Michigan for the annual company picnic and product showcase.  From there it was quickly turned around for a tour of the Mid-Western states. All in, the boat covered an area extending from South Florida to Northern Minnesota.